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Since 1998 as a FileMaker Consultant, Mark Jeffords has been helping a wide variety of FileMaker Pro users beginning as a FileMaker Technical Support agent and mentor in Carrollton, Texas.   

Industries served include -  

General Business, Construction, Cardiology,  Ophthalmology ,Manufacturing, Law Firms, Non-Profit, Advertising, Insurance, Retail, Online Auctions, Sports Teams, Entertainment, Education and many more.   

Why Us?


Mark's Pro FM is all about serving you. That is the only way we do business. The satisfaction comes from knowing YOU WERE and YOU ARE well satisfied. We also want to empower you not enslave you. We empower by teaching you how to manage your database solution from simple fixes to backups. 

Many of our client's are beginning to use their databases in weeks not months. 

A wise FileMaker Consultant understands that his client must be involved in the development process every step of the way. It needs to be a team effort that considers input from end-users as well.

We provide a production environment with live, real-time database reviews 24-7 during the development process.